We sometimes get asked for endorsements as a way to verify that our gear performs. We believe our customers are our best endorsers. It's not unusual for customers to tell us, "This is a great pack", "Awesome design", and "You guys have a great product at a price that can't be beat!" We also periodically get letters and emails from customers letting us know how their gear is working, and you will find their comments here.

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Sleeping Bags


My friend and I are students at Utah State University. We have been living in a tent in Logan Canyon for the past eight months while attending school. The reasons for us doing this are two fold, one is because we love he outdoors, and the other is because we are trying to save money while still paying for school. When we decided we were going to try and make it through the winter we knew we would need some warmer gear.

One thing is for certain in Utah and that is that Logan is cold. When I went looking for a sleeping bag I knew I would want at least a -20 F bag. I came across you Kenai bag at Als Sporting Goods and it was a price that I could afford so I got it. Let me tell you that that bag has made my winter sleeping a dream. You guys really know how to make a quality product. My Kenai sleeping bag has kept me warm for over 70+ nights in frigid weather, and I mean frigid. I have always been warm even when I'm wearing shorts to bed and its 0 degrees. I doubt anyone has put one of those bags to the test for as long as I have. Thanks for continuing to make quality products!

- Tyson L


This bag is made for hunters & extreme conditions. I bought it because my husband has one and I loved sleeping in it. It's great for tent camping in 20-30 degree conditions with no extra blankets. It's huge, warm & soft! Highly recommended.

- P. Andres

Denali 0 Degree

Best sleeping bag I've ever seen. Yes it is large, but I like that. There was a storm where I was camping last time and the tent started leaking from above. This thing was soaking wet and it never went inside the bag and I was warm all night. In fact if there is any flaw with this bag its that it gets too warm. However this can fixed by simply zipping it to the appropriate opening to cool down.

- D. Tennimon


While I have not used this on an actual camping trip (addition to come), this sleeping bag appears to be of high quality. The zippers are sturdy - like what you would expect from a company that wanted the bag to last for a while. In addition, I hate the feeling of not being able to roll over in traditional mummy bags. That is not a problem with this bag (for someone at 6'3 and 240lbs, that's saying something).

- Mark S


I bought this bag because I get cold very easily when out hunting during the late season. This product exceeded my expectations. I don't expect a sleeping bag to be comfortable at the rating which they are given, but I do expect them to be comfortable when used properly with ground pads etc. This is the first bag I have owned which I would advise a friend to purchase, well worth what I paid for it.

- Awayne

Browning McKinley Sleeping Bag

The Browning McKinley Sleeping Bag is truly awesome. The pictures and description underestimate the "hugeness" factor and the thickness this beast posseses. It is like climbing into a King sized bed, thick, Luxuriously appointed padding, warm, roomy, well made, nice zipper. The only downside to this bag, it is big and heavy, if that is a downside? This bag is not for backpacking, but for camping, hunting, RV, or any other outdoor activity, it is hard to beat for the money.

- wyoguy2



When I purchased this tent in October 2011, there were no reviews yet. I figured some initial impressions might help other Amazonians evaluate it for their needs. At this point, all I've done is unpack, set up, and look it over. But I've had a couple of similar tents before and have put up and taken these things down dozens of times. From that perspective, this one looks like a keeper.

I need a decent tent for camping off a motorcycle, so, because weight isn't of prime importance but travel size is, I can tolerate a more heavily constructed tent so long as it's well made. This style tent, while maybe not appropriate for monsoons, should give reasonable protection from an unexpected drizzle or rain. Since this tent is made by Alps, appears to be of similar design to the Alps Meramac, and has all the design features I wanted, I decided to give it a try.

For me, a major feature is that it's totally "clip hung". Having to thread your poles through fabric tubes sewn onto the roof of a dome tent, then lift the tent without overstressing a pole is a pain. With the Browning Cypress, as with a few similar designs, you loop each pole from corner pin to diagonal opposing corner pin, pick both up, fasten the roof at the apex, then clip the rest of the tent to the poles. Couldn't be easier, quicker, or more intuitive. When taking the tent down, you don't have to fight with bunching up fabric when pulling the poles out. You just unclip and it's down.

The poles feel slightly larger than normal and have aluminum ferrules. They fit together very quickly, almost assembling themselves.

The two doors have the "windows", the only windows. The upper fabric half zips open from the inside leaving a mesh bug screen. When both windows are zipped open, you have cross ventilation but, because the lower half of the door is opaque, a bit more privacy, also. On the other hand, in hot weather where a lot of ventilation is needed and privacy isn't of concern, one of the mostly mesh designs may be better. The lower door panel laps over the tent opening so water drains out over the side instead of inside.

Whether you expect rain or just want a bit more of a barrier against the cold, the fly goes on easily. You insert the ridge pole into pockets sewn into the edge of the fly, flip the whole thing over the top, and with adjustable "trident" type snap buckles secure each corner to the tent corner rings. Unlike designs with vestibule type flys, the entire tent erects within its own footprint. For windy conditions, additional guy-outs are provided, but it's hard to see how this would be necessary if the corners are staked. I suppose if the wind is high enough...

There is a generous 2" or more space between the fly and tent roof/wall. Because the fly is well tensioned, it doesn't sag onto the tent and should provide decent ventilation over the top.

On the ends (the 5' dimension), the fly fully overlaps the bathtub bottom. If the tent is oriented sideways to the rain, this should shed water nicely.

Many two or three man tents are only 7' long. The Cypress is 7'-6". While I'm not especially "long", my sleeping bag is. That extra 6" keeps the bag away from the tent fabric, which means it should stay drier if it rains.

The floor and fly seams are well sealed at the factory.

I couldn't find the instructions (they were sewn into the packing bag) but it still only took 7 minutes to set up the tent the first time.

Besides the packing bag, there are separate bags for stakes and poles. The stakes are the typical "shepherd's crook" shape and I wouldn't expect them to last long driven into rocky soil. I always replace these with standard steel stakes that will survive a pounding down with a rock. There are two small gear baggies permanently attached to the inside walls and a removable mesh gear shelf overhead.

Overall construction appears to be good.

A note about weatherability, perhaps in anticipation of unhappy campers getting their stuff wet: The fly of your tent should be sealed periodically so that it sheds water like oiled canvas or those ubiquitous blue tarps from Harbor Freight. The fly is the roof of your tent and, usually, it and the floor are the only parts that are remotely waterproof. If the walls of your tent get wet, water will wick through into anything that touches them. This isn't a design defect, it's the price we pay for lightweight and affordable camping shelters. If you keep this in mind while setting up your home away from home, you will survive that gullywasher that sends your camp neighbors packing in the middle of the night.

- William A


Okay, so after reading a bunch of reviews I was sold on Alps Mountaineering Tents. The problem was I couldn't find one that had a stargaze slot and 2 doors that can open to a breathable mesh. So I called and as it turns out that Alps make Browning tents. Sweet! So I bought this one as it was exactly what I was looking for. The vestibules are roomy and the tent seems like it will hold 2 people comfortably but I haven't tried it yet. It rolls up nice back into it's original sack and saw only a very very minor amount of condensation in the one corner. It's easy and fast to setup. The weather was nice so I haven't tried this in the rain yet.

Edit: I've used it a lot and love it. It sleeps 2 very nicely. I even took a queen sized air mattress for car camping and it fit in there like a glove. Perfect tent for me and wouldn't change a thing.

- R. Osborne

Black Canyon

I had been looking for a large cabin style tent for a while. I had poured over reviews and looked at a lot of the various features that were out there. I was replacing a Kelty 6 man tent that I had been using. The old tent was probably still serviceable but I had been chasing leaks and I wanted something I could stand up in.
I looked at a lot of different companies and price points. Some of the candidates were the Copper Canyon 1312 by Eureka, the Cougar Flats II by Columbia and the largest Cabelas Alaskan Guide tent. I eventually ruled out the Alaskan Guide tent because I wanted to have the option of two rooms and because it was going to run about $100 dollars more. The Alaskan Guide IS a four season tent though and the rest of the options I was considering were only 3 season.
The features of this tent all sounded good. My biggest concern was that I couldn't find a single review of this tent ANYWHERE. I finally decided to take a chance and order it. With a maiden voyage under my belt I will give you my initial impressions.
Size and layout: This tent is HUGE. I knew that going in but until you have it up it is kind of tough to really picture it. The foot print is 15x10. The interior is divided up into two rooms. They are equal size with a "wall" that can be easily rolled up if you would like to make it into one big room. There is a door at each end which is a nice feature. Each door has a window that can be opened and there are two windows on each side that can be opened. This tent doesn't have as many interal storage options as some tents I looked at. There are 4 mess storage pouches. One in each corner of the tent. They would hold a fair mount of stuff. There is no gear loft of any kind but there are loops in the top center where you can hang a light. The interior has lots of useable space. The side walls are almost vertical and at the center the total interior height is around 7 feet.
Assembly: Because there were so few reviews of this tent I decided to "wing it" on our maiden voyage rather than put the tent up in the yard ahead of time. I found that the instructions were decent and the design was straight forward and pretty easy to figure out. My wife and I pitched the tent by ourselves. We laid out all of the polls. They are two part. There are metal "legs" that hold the tent up and there are fiberglass polls that bridge the gap from one leg to the other. They are color coded to make things easier. The most difficult part was hoisting the tent up and getting the fiberglass polls into the metal legs. We were able to do it with two people but 4 would make life a lot easier. Once the tent was up there are clips to give it shape and you just stake it down at 6 points around the tent. The fly is pretty easy to put on. It has some fiberglass polls to give it shape. You are given guy lines if it is windy and you think you will need more support.
Final impressions: Overall I am happy with the tent. The materials seem to be good quality. I kind of wish we had gotten some serious rain so I could see how the tent faired against the elements. It had a good waterproof rating which is one of the reasons I picked it. I like how straight forward the lay out is and I like how much useable space there is in the tent.
There are a couple of things that kept me from giving it 5 stars. First it does not have any sort of vestibule or awing at either one of the doors. There were other tents in this class that did not but in a driving rain it would be tough to get in or out of the tent without letting water in. The other complaint was the lack of gear lofts or other more substantial interior storage.
Overall I would recommend this tent for someone who is looking for a large living space in the great out doors.


Air Pads

Self-Inflating Air Pad

I previously purchased the smallest air pad for backpacking and was happy with it. The only setback was that I have broad shoulders and the smallest pad was not enough for the entire width of my body. This is perfectly acceptable comfort for primitive camping and hunting trips, but I wanted a little more comfort for car camping or other activities that did not require me to keep my pack weight down. I am very satisfied that I also purchased the largest air pad. It is so comfortable that I no longer bring an air mattress on camping trips, because this is just as comfortable but far more convenient and easy to setup and breakdown. Good product and so far the quality seems to be durable, but I have only used it a few times.

- Florida Outdoorsman


Fireside Chair

The reviewers who claim that you have to carry your Browning camp chair with you to ensure a place to sit, WEREN'T KIDDING! We have a large family and everyone has his own chair. But MINE is the only one that everyone fights over. It's a good thing I can claim privilege of rank! No slouching, solid arms, sturdy mesh, just right height, super comfy (I can sit in it for hours!)... It's one terrific chair!

- L. Benoit

Kodiak Chair

I am 6'2" and 430 pounds. This chair fits me perfectly. Once sitten on if you feel like you're on a real heavy wooden chair... but it's made out of fabric and steel tubes...

After sitting on it, I tried to move the chair by moving from right to left but no luck, it does not move, it remains completely straight and immutable. No cracking of tissues and I sat down very hard on it, no need to be careful, it will hold up ... And my god we're comfortable! I highly recommend!

- Alex

Camp Chair

I am very happy with this chair and the manufacture description is very accurate. It handles 300# with no problems and the chair is comfortable and easy to get out of. The back is high, the seat is deep and does not sit low to the ground. It is so much more comfortable than a lawn chair could ever be. I have spent hours at a time sitting in this chair and it is an outstanding product.

- #1customer

Camp Chair

Very nice chair. Wide for a larger person and nice and high makes it easy to get up.

- Theresa

Fireside Chair

I got two of these chairs a couple of weeks ago because my wife and I were going to a Fourth of July party and wanted something comfy to watch fireworks in. These were definitely awesome! Not only do they look nice, but they are sturdy and the mesh in the center provided some air flow. Worth the $!

- Tony

Double Barrel

This is a great item and the drink holders below the top allow for more playing room or what ever. Great item. Stays in the motorcycle trailer ready to go.

- GG

Woodland Chair

It is really nice to buy an item that turns out to be as nice as you hoped it would be.I can sit for hours in this chair.Being 65 it is a little hard to get out of.It worked great for turkeys this spring.

- texasxbow


I ordered one of these stools since i thought it would be easy to strap to my pack and haul to my deerstand...and it came in perfect for both weekends of hunting. I liked the bigger surface area...remained comfortable the whole time...looking forward to using it during future hunts.

- Ricky

Camp Cot XP

These cots are really comfortable and supportive. My son and I used these on our hunting trip and found them to be a great buy. Highly recommend!

- AJay

Camp Cot XP

This is the very best cot that I have ever had. It sets up fast, is very durable, and very comfortable.

- Lew

Titan Cot XP

I've always used the traditional military type cots, so I was a little bit hesitant to try this new style cot, but I'm glad I did! It didn't rock back and forth like my old cot did, and when I laid down I was confident it would hold my weight. It felt really sturdy. I really like that I can stuff some of my clothes into the pocket at the top and make a little pillow - nice feature! I would recommend!

- Richard


This is my husbands camp seat to be used for hunting and it's great. It's light,has several easy ways to carry and the quality is great.

- silverslinger

Tracker +XT

this seat is wonderful, padding is thick and comfortable and there is a pocket on the back for stuff, also it is nice to be able to carry it on your back like a backpack. you can even lean back in it.

- expeditionhombre

Fireside Chair

These chairs are very comfortable and well constructed. These don't have the bar going underneath the front part of your legs like other chairs with a similar design, which usually starts digging into my legs after a while. The only down side is the weight, but that is what you get for such well constructed chairs. They are pricey but worth it.

- 3isCompany

Fireside Chair

I have back problems and some chairs lean back to far. I bought it and fell in love with it. Supports where i need it. My husband liked it so much I bought the pink one and gave him the brown one. We camp alot so i need a comfortable chair and this is it!

- afwm

Kodiak Chair

If you are a big person as I am, and you are afraid to sit in those other chairs, this is the one for us, Just got mine and felt totally secure in it. Made well, looks great.
You do sit low in this and is a little hard to get out of.

- Papabear56

Woodland Chair

I bought one of these chairs for turkey season when I hunted at my cousin's property in Missouri last year and every morning I was comfortable. The carry strap came in handy after I bagged my bird, too. Seeing it in the garage the other morning got me excited for this upcoming season. Can't wait to pack up the calls and the camo and head out to the woods. Thanks again for a great product!

- Darryl

Outfitter Table

This table is so cool! We took it out this past weekend when we camped with some friends and the taller height was ideal for cooking so we didn't have to bend down so much. It was extremely sturdy when we'd cut and prepare food on it. I also loved how we could put the plastic topper on so it would easily wipe up. We even got compliments from some camper neighbors and directed them here!

- Stacy

Titan Cot XP

I received this cot as a Christmas present and couldn't wait to use it camping. I finally got my chance in early March. It was very easy to set up and not even using a pad was incredibly comfortable. I have a bad back so sleeping on the ground, even with a pad, is agonizing after more than a couple of hours. This has made camping enjoyable to me once again. I have a Browning sleeping bag as well and I absolutely love this company, using these two items together let me sleep like a baby.

- Tenzari

Browning Outfitter Table

I live in an apartment and keep all my camping gear in a storage unit, so for me the amount of space something will take up in storage is almost as important as how it performs. This table is great when set-up and collapses down into a small bag easy to store and transport, so I've got the best of both worlds. In its bag, this table is about 4" wide x 6" high x 2' long, so it's easy to move around and takes up little space. But because it breaks down so small it takes a little longer to set up than just flipping out the legs. The legs are connected by an accordian style frame, so it has to be pulled out to size, then there are 3 rods that fit in loops under the folding table top and clip into brackets on top of the frame, and finally there are velcro straps on the corners of the top that wrap around the legs to keep the top stretched in place. When I'm packing up I just dump water over the top to wash it off, let it dry a few minutes and then it packs away easily.

I don't use the plastic cover that comes with it because it's not going to stay on the table without fasteners, but I'm not going to throw it away because if I do use the table for cleaning fish, or anything else as messy, that plastic cover would be easier to clean up than the cloth table top.

- A. Lee